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FAO CAA Yr 1: Contexts Written Assignment Online OGR / Friday 30th November

On your timetable, your 'Contexts' essay 'Health Check' was due to take place on Tuesday 4th December.  Another event has since parachuted into my schedule, meaning I need to change things around  a bit, while ensuring that you feel 100% confident prior to your essay hand-in to Campus Registry on Thursday 6th December between 4pm - 5pm.

What I'd like us to do instead is this: immediately after your final symposia on Thursday 29th November, I'm going to ask you to prepare an 'OGR' to be uploaded to your blogs no later than 9am on Friday 30th November.   Your OGR should include the following:

  • Your proposed essay question: e.g. 'How does the production design of Ridley Scott's Alien use abjection in support of its narrative?'
  • Your proposed 'lock>build' paragraph structure for the main body presented as short summaries: as in Paragraph 1: Short plot synopsis emphasising the alien planet and organism's reproductive life-cycle. Paragraph 2: 'Define 'the abject' with reference to Kristeva's Powers Of Horror etc.' and so on until you've mapped out the complete flow of your argument from start to finish. These paragraph summaries should also include the quotes/sources you're intending to include by way of evidence.
  • Your supporting illustrations/visual evidence, which should be playing an active role in your discussion and not just decorative. (You don't need include film posters in this instance; use your images as supporting evidence for your analysis).
  • Your proposed conclusion - i.e. a tell me what you hoped to have proven and how you've evidenced it.
  • Your Harvard Bibliography listing your five key theoretical sources - which should all be reputable; no blog posts, Wikipedia entries or online dictionaries/encyclopaedias. (You might be using more in your assignment, but you shouldn't be using less).

Put much more simply, I'm basically asking you to publish a detailed essay plan on your blogs - not the essay itself - but its 'line art'.  Let's make sure your composition is as strong as possible before you commit time and energy to colouring it in! 

I'll respond with written feedback as per usual highlighting any areas for improvement or enhancement and I'll seek to ensure you all have your feedback by the weekend, so you've plenty of time to swing into action and get your assignments in tip-top shape before the hand-in on Thursday 6th December.

Any questions, get in touch!