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FAO CAA Yr 3: Minor Project Submission - Your Schedule & Submission Inventory Please

It's already the beginning of week 3 of the Autumn term.  As of tomorrow - Tuesday, October 2nd - you have 100 days until the submission of your Minor project - Thursday, January 10th.

100 Days = 14.2 Weeks = 3.2 months

This isn't a long time in CGI terms, but it is a transformative amount of time in terms of future-proofing your Major project and thus ensuring your final animation is industry-standard and festival-ready (or put more simply still - bloody amazing!).

You're now required to do two things:

1) Devise and publish to your blog your Minor Project Schedule - a week-by-week breakdown of the next 100 days as it relates to your project's workflow.  Your schedule should be as detailed as possible, with activities, outcomes and deadlines very clearly indicated  Your schedule should be a professionalised document and your best attempt to timetable your Minor project from start to finish. Your Minor Project Schedule will be available to assessors and external examiners as a means by which your 'Professionalism and expert project management' can be measured.

2) Devise and publish to your blog your Minor Project Submission Inventory- an indexing of what you intend to submit for your Minor Project submission in January.  Your submission inventory needs to be specific and unambiguous - a bullet-pointed list of elements and assets comprising your goal for the January hand-in.  For example, if you're making an animated short, you'll need to submit 'a final pass animatic and locked 3D pre-vis' and animation-ready characters - that means your character models are 100% Alan-certified fit-for-purpose assets that are ready to go. In addition, you should have assembled your creative teams of collaborators - composers, voice-artists etc.  As part of your Minor Project submission, we are asking you to include complete annotated shot-lists (see Kingdom Of Sound examples available on myUCA/Minor) and, of course, your Art Of documentation.

Don't let these two things freak you out: if you give sufficient time and energy to these two activities as outlined, you will be creating the conditions for a less stressful experience of the coming weeks.  I suspect many of you are wondering where to start/what to do/how to begin - and probably wasting valuable time procrastinating and worrying and just thinking, 'There's too much to do!'. Stop - just do these two administrative things instead.

The deadline for publishing your Minor Project Schedule and Submission Inventory to your blogs is Sunday 7th October.  We can then discuss your plans as part of next week's tutorials and Maya class etc if needs be.  Make a start tonight!