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FAO CAA Yr 3: 2nd Pass Animatics / Submission Deadline: Friday 9th November

Firstly, I wanted to congratulate you all on uploading your project schedules and submission inventories.  I hope you found the process of forecasting the future of your film projects to be useful and it has stopped things from feeling too 'floaty'. Floatiness is the arch-enemy of all year 3 projects!

I now have another goal/milestone/deadline for you in our shared quest for graduation greatness! We'd like you to submit your '2nd Pass Animatics' to your blogs on Friday 9th November.  Many of you had '1st Pass Animatics' as part of your original Premise submissions, but lots of things will have changed since then - tweaks, revisions, problems found, problems solved and so on - and we're all keen to know your stories are being as told as effectively, dynamically and creatively as possible.

Your 2nd Pass Animatic should be your very best effort to commit to the nitty-gritty of your storytelling.  If there's a structural problem in your film, this is the moment to fix it.  If there's an elaborate camera-move or series of transitions you've not yet resolved, you do that here.  Your 2nd Pass Animatic might be a 'Frankenstein' film of different parts - recycled from your original animatic, new drawn scenes, 3D pre-vis sequences etc: the goal isn't that your 2nd Pass is particularly pretty - the goal is to lock your film down in terms of structure, camera, timing, rhythm and emotional impact etc.  If you've got complicated camera moves or transitions, use Maya to communicate your action in a way doing more drawings may not.

Your 2nd Pass Animatic should include titles and placeholder sound; foley work (diegetic sound effects) are always a key part of ensuring your film communicates your intentions; don't underestimate their influence in terms of effective storytelling.  By committing now to this next refinement, you'll save yourself time and energy later.   Written feedback will follow on your blog - and of course as part of our tutorials together.

2nd Pass Animatic deadline / Friday 9th November