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FAO CAA Yr 1: Invisible Cities - The Final Push!

This is message for our hard-working first years in their final few days before their first crit presentation and submission!  We know you're very busy and feeling the pinch and we know you're nervous about Friday, but there are things you can do to feel less nervous and take more control!

1) Make sure you're looking at the information we've provided you and you're paying attention to it. The information is there to make your lives easier and your goals crystal-clear.   For your convenience, I'm including here the links to the original post re. your submission requirements, the advice and guidance re. What is an 'Art Of', and the examples of previous student submissions.

You're no doubt worrying about 'your grades' already and fretting about my feedback.  At the beginning of term, I shared with you (via email) three examples of feedback forms.  These are the forms you will receive when I've marked your submissions.  If you haven't looked already at these forms, I want you to look at them now. You can find them in a folder on myUCA/Environments/InvisibleCities (scroll down to the bottom of all the resources and you'll find it).  I've included a range of grades: a 'B+', a 'C-' and a Fail.  Please focus on the written feedback - on what I'm saying to the student in relation to what they submitted and how they spent their first five weeks.

Finally, some reassuring words about Friday's presentation: it is not an audition 'X-Factor-style', where you are fighting to stay on the course.  It's your chance to talk about the ideas behind your three paintings and for us to have a chat about those ideas.  You've all presented already (a few times in fact!) and Friday is no different: your biggest voice, banish your inner-monologue, and when in doubt, look at what's on the screen and 'say what you see!'.  It's really important you prepare for your presentations: think about what you're going to say before you say it.  Be strict - stay on message.  If you get stuck, I'll be there to ask a question or two to get the ball-rolling again!

The REALLY important bit of advice is 'avoid the melodrama' - don't spend this week whipping yourselves up into a froth of fear and anxiety on social media; don't feed negativity, don't dramatise your stress - just get ready and give your time and energy to doing the best job you can. 

Best of luck! Be amazing!