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FAO CAA Yr 2 & 3 / Students Reps!

I'm looking for some dynamic duos!  I need two student reps for years 2 and 3 to work alongside me at the course boards and support me in enhancing the student experience as and when possible.  If you're interested in the role, you'll need to demonstrate that your attendance and engagement with the course and campus makes you a good mouthpiece for your class.  If you've been a rep previously for me, you can continue your duties - but the SU would like these appointments to be as democratic as possible obviously, so if you could sort it out amongst yourselves and then report to me, that would be fab!  Let the group chat do its work - and then when you've made your decisions, drop me an email!  

In terms of your responsibilities as rep, there are three meetings a year at the Rochester Campus - so it's nothing too terrible!  I look forward to hearing from you soon - and by 'soon', I'm required to have my named reps by the beginning of next week!

Many thanks in advance!