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FAO CAA Yr 3: Your Draft Thesis Hand-in / Friday October 26th - Your 100 Word Day Challenge!

This is a message for our third years-in-waiting!  As of tomorrow, you will have exactly 80 days until your Draft Thesis hand-in - which is Friday, October 26th.  So this is my challenge to you, ladies and gents; I know it's sunny out there and you're probably all wafting about feeling lovely and relaxed, but if - as of tomorrow - you set yourself the challenge of writing just 100 words of your drafts each day, you'd have your complete 8000 words by the deadline!  100 words is nothing at all - indeed, this single paragraph is about 100 words in length already!

So, this is my challenge: 100 words a-day, starting tomorrow.  Let's get these drafts hammered out and off your to-do lists.  After all, you've all got those potentially award-winning films to be getting on with, right?

Oh, and remember these wise words too...