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FAO CAA Year 2: Premise and Toolkit 2 Submission Information

Toolkit 2 (Date change)

The Toolkit 2 submission date has been changed from Monday 14th May to Friday 18th May by 5pm. This has been done to give you all as much time as possible to complete your work. Please use the time wisely and make sure to post your submission on time. Your submission post should follow the same 'etiquette' as your original 'check-in' post, containing links to all the relevant work (found here).

Please note: The submission time is 5pm (not midnight, the weekend, or Monday). Your blog's will be checked at 5pm so please don't add to your posts after that time. 

Premise (Submission requirements)

- Premise main project (including making of and/or presentation document)
- Magazine article
- Film reviews
- Reflective statement (written after the critique)

- Submission requirements: The Premise project is an 'individually' led project, meaning that their is no general list of things you need to include in your submission. However, during tutorials each person has been given their own list of goals/requirements. If anyone is unclear or confused about their submission please come and see me as soon as possible. In addition, there are two further requirements listed on the brief. These are a 'magazine article' (again discussed individually in tutorials) and your film reviews. 

- Making of/Presentation Document: This document should explain your project to someone who knows nothing about your project. In many respects this submission parallels a 'studio pitch' whereby you are trying to convey your idea as clearly as possible to gain the go-ahead or funding. It should to some degree reflect where the project is heading in your Minor project, Major project, and beyond, both graphically (branding/design) and in terms of content (end of year three example can be found here). Start your document by giving a brief overview (logline) explaining the project followed by how it has evolved both intellectually and creatively throughout the project - How it began, where you are now, and what you intent do in the future. Finally, if you have an animatic, show it at the start of your presentation.  

Sculpting (Model collection)

For those students who chose to keep but not bake their models, the following models are ready for collection - Anastasjia, Almu, Jen, Ruth, Laura, Polly, Graeme, Sandra, Paris, Greta, Michaela, Ellie, Rachael, and Noah. You are welcome to leave your models where they are, carry on working on them, and bring them for baking before the end of term. Any models left over the summer will be thrown away so please ensure you take them home before then if you want to keep them.

Note: Aureo can you confirm your intentions regarding your model.