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FAO CAA YEAR 2: End of year exit tutorials

Year 2: End of year 'exit' tutorials Tuesday 22nd May.

To help you to prepare for your third year you are asked to attend a final 'exit' tutorial. In this tutorial we will discuss your progress during your second year, how your Premise project can become your Minor project, and how you can improve further in year three. The tutorials will take place after all of your work has been assessed on Tuesday 22nd May.


Jen 10.00am / Jess 10.15am / Laura 10.30am / Krissy 10.45am / Michael 11.00am / Ruth 11.15am / Michaela 11.30am / Alexis 11.45am / Rhia 12.00pm / Graeme 12.15pm / Almu 12.30pm / Aureo 12.45pm.


Noah 2.00pm / Polly 2.15pm / Rachael 2.30pm / Paris 2.45pm / Greta 3.00pm / Alex 3.15pm / Ellie 3.30pm / Jack 3.45pm / Anabel 4.00pm / Douy 4.15pm  / Anastasija 4.30pm / Karolina 4.45pm / Joe 5.00pm.

Note: If anyone is unable to attend their time slot (for a valid reason) please see me to rearrange your tutorial for another time. 


  1. As this is on the day of the third year film screening, would it be possible to rearrange for the purpose of attending that? A few of us want to go.


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