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Today! GarageFarm.NET Livestream with Dan Masterton - Corporate Animator & Creator of Award-Winning 'Ewebibtikus Klaw's Adventures Galore!'

If you're an aspiring filmmaker and have tried your hand at an animated short, you know how deep your commitment needs to be. Finishing a short is hard enough as it is, and when you've got a full-time job and your family to think about, it can seem almost impossible!
Or is it?

After a long radio silence in the cg realm - with a cool head scar and titanium-filled skull to show for it (long story), today at 6pm BST I'll be taking part in a Facebook livestream alongside Marco Dinglasan, as we interview the award-winning and cool as a cucumber London-based 3D filmmaker, Dan Masterton. Among other things we'll be talking about how you can keep telling your stories in the midst of a hectic daily life - something a lot of us can relate to! All the while I'll be keeping an eye on the comments and asking Dan your burning questions.
make yourself at home

A snapshot of some of Dan's recent corporate work as the head of PA Consulting's Animation team