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FAO CAA Yr 3: Monday's AM/PM Tutorials - Monday 19th November

Dear hard-working third years... I'm writing to make my excuses - but it is a really good excuse! Over the last couple of months, CAA lecturer and alumni, Jordan Buckner, has been making an animated short for the BFI and BBC Four.  I worked with Jordan as his producer for //_sleeper and I've got the chance to see it premiere on the big screen at the Southbank, London on Monday 19th, and support Jordan on his big day.

To make up for my Monday vanishing act, I'm going to suggest third years book some time with me on Tuesday 20th (10am - 1pm) and Wednesday 21st (10am - 1pm).  If you could leave a comment on this post to book a slot between these times and between these days, we'll work it out.  Thanks for your understanding and I look forward to hearing from you.


  1. Hey Phil! Can I book a slot on Tuesday at 12pm?

  2. Hello Phil, would it be possible to book on Wednesday at 12:30?

  3. Hi Phil! Can I book a slot for Tuesday 12:20-12:40, or thereabouts, please? :)

  4. hi phil can i book 10 am on Wednesday


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