Thursday, December 05, 2019

FAO CAA Year 2: Collaboration Submission

Year 2: Collaboration Submission 12th Dec 2019 (by 10am)

Online submission on your studio blog and your personal blog (by 10am)

1) The animated short.
2) Making of document/presentation (PDF)
3) Up-to-date studio & personal blog

The Presentation (10am - 1pm)

For the presentation please make sure to follow the order below...

1) Play your animated short
2) Give your presentation
3) Answer any questions
4) Recieve feedback

Peer Assessment (1pm)

For assessment, you are asked to complete 'peer assessment' form in which you assess yourself and the other members of your group. This will be done online (via the tutorial website) and be pivate and confidential.

Reflective statement 16th Dec 2019 (by 5pm)

Please write a reflective statement on your personal blog. This text should reflect upon your own contribution to the collaboration. It is important to be analytical, critical, and rewarding in your text to help your assessors understand how you see you work and performance during thi sproject. Please write no less than 200 words. An 'exemplar' example statement (Third year/Minor Project) can be found here.

Film Reviews 13th Dec 2019 (by 5pm)

This submission is online and on your personal blogs. Please create a series of links to the film reviews you have written and posted on your blog. There is no need to repost these. 

Any questions please ask.

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