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FAO CAA Yr 3: 7 Days Remaining!

This is a message for all our hard-working final year students... As of today, you have seven days remaining until your Minor hand-in.  I flag this up, not to dial up your stress sadistically, but just to remind you to stay vigilant; be sure to save your work often and back everything up in multiple places.  At times like these, students sometimes forget to take their foot off the pedal long enough to save what they're doing and take good care of all their hard work.  Save your work and don't take any unnecessary risks.

Be sure to update your blogs; not only is this another means to 'save your stuff', it is also an opportunity to solicit the sort of feedback we don't want to be writing on your assessment proformas. Often, students submit character turnarounds that are badly-lit or poorly-composed; they submit turnarounds in which on-screen text is spelled incorrectly, or the type-face is 'off-brand' and ill-suited.  Sometimes the turnaround is turning much too fast.  Sometimes it is turning too slowly.  Don't be one of those students.  Wherever possible, we'd like to see what you're planning to submit before you submit it so you can receive the benefit of our advice before it forms part of your percentage.  We don't like giving bad news and we don't like writing about the small stuff that was otherwise very easily fixed.

The same is absolutely true of your Art Of documentation: some students have already shared their proposed layouts and have since benefited from further suggestions by which their respective presentations could be enhanced.  Certainly, if you're writing in support of your imagery you'll need to ensure any copy is proof-read, spell-checked and grammar-checked.  You probably don't need to be writing very much... and that's another thing we can think about together before you submit.

I guess my message is this: you're all working really hard and I'm looking forward to your submissions, but experience tells me these last seven days can see silly mistakes made and good judgement compromised by stress, anxiety and a sort of 'I'm sick of this now, that'll do' attitude.  So my advice is this: if you haven't done so already, get your proposed 'Art Of' branding, layout and documentation up on your blogs for our attention.  In terms of your turnarounds, be sure to follow the professional principles of lighting and presentation which you've been taught.  Don't be that student who packages up their many accomplishments in second-rate wrapping paper.  

The way in which you submit your work is now as important as what you submit.  Take complete and exacting control of the way in which your assessors will encounter your project work - that all-important first impression.  I want you all to make the very best of your work and to add prestige and sophistication to every aspect of your Minor submission.

Wishing you all a productive, creative and successful final week.  We're thinking of you and can't wait to see the fruits of your labours!