Sunday, January 08, 2017

FAO CAA Yr 1: Storytelling & Commission / Your Creative Partnerships

Starting now, you're being grouped into creative partnerships for the duration of your new Storytelling & Commission projects.  What's a creative partnership?  While we expect you're all following each other's blogs as a matter of routine, you're now being asked to give your specific and undivided attention to supporting the creative development of classmates in your respective creative partnership.  Everyone likes receiving feedback, but not everyone is giving it and I want to see much more buzz and critical discussions going on between you all.  It doesn't mean you suddenly stop taking an interest in everyone else's project development, it just means you now have additional specific responsibilities to your project partners.  

Your creative partnerships for your up-and-coming 'Script To Screen' project are particularly important.  You're going to be going through lots and lots of ideas as you seek to establish your response to this new brief and I want to see you working together proactively - and standing up to each other too.  If you think your partner's ideas aren't communicating, you should say so - constructively.

Your creative partnerships should feel active and exciting - you're learning how to collaborate and build professional working relationships - and no radio silence please.  If you don't interact with others positively and proactively you're being unprofessional - simple as. Get involved. Be useful. Be honest.  Come up with solutions.  No 'lurking' please (that's the practice of being active on social media but not sharing or participating) - get out there and be a force for good.

Your Creative Partnerships for the duration of your Soundscape/FSTS projects are:

I suggest you go introduce yourselves via a blog comment or two... and make sure that everyone in your partnership has seen this notification and knows for whom they're responsible.

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