Monday, January 02, 2017

FAO CAA Year 2: Character Design, Maya Tutorials, and Film Reviews Submission Reminder

FAO Year 2: 
A reminder for the January submission of 
‘(Narrative &) Character Design’, Maya Tutorials (Toolkit), and Film Reviews.

Tuesday 10th January 2017
Character Design

For the Crit & Submitted to your blog…

A) A Pre-Production Bible (As a PDF Document) containing the following:

1) Contextual Research & Synopsis
2) Two Character Designs
3) One Environment Design
4) Prop Designs
5) Storyboards


6) Animation Planning      
7) Layout Design

B) Media / Other: Any audio/film work relating to your animation.
C) Links to your weekly ‘in class’ exercises (previously scanned in and uploaded on a weekly basis).
D) A Reflective Statement.

Friday 13th January by 5pm. 
CG Artists Toolkit (Maya Tutorials) & Film Review Submission

On your blog and linked to in ONE post.

A) CG Artists Toolkit (Maya Tutorials)

1) 2D Facial Rigging
2) Stylisation: Isometric Cameras
3) Pipeline 1: Head Modelling
4) Pipeline 1: Body Modelling
5) In Class Animation: Animated Sequence
6) Animation 2: Lip Syncing
7) Pipeline 3: 2D Character Rigging (Zombie Character)

B) Film Reviews

1) Myth & the Hero’s Journey
2) Archetypes & The Hero’s Journey
3) Narrative Theory & Film Structure
4) Narrative & Character
5) Quality Part 1: B-Movies
6) Quality Part 2: Exploitation Cinema
7) Documentary & Mockumentary
8) Adaptation & Transcription
9) Comedy & Slapstick

C) A Reflective Statement.

Good Luck Everyone.

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