Tuesday, January 10, 2017

FAO CAA Year 1: Storytelling & Commission / Project 1 / Soundscape 2017 / Examples Of Previous Student Work

With its emphasis on 'sound', presenting your 'soundscape' project visually can represent a challenge.  How, for example, to express a 'sonic concept'?  How to create engaging experiences of your sonic creations and likewise their creative development?  Take a look at these examples from Julien Van Wallendael's blog submission for guidance and inspiration!

Sonic Concepts expressed as 'Word Clouds'

These are Julien's three final soundscapes; note how sensitive graphic design and the addition of subtle animation enrich the listening experience.

The brief requires you to archive and present the creative development of your soundscapes - to include all original recordings and then the resulting vocabulary of post-produced SFX originating from them.  You'll need to think about how you can present your workflow engagingly and clearly - see Julien's response below.

You're also asked to profile a sound designer (for film, television or game etc) - check out Eva Pinnington's  profile of Yuu Miyake - complete with embedded links to cited soundtracks!

Sound Designer - Profile 

Your Soundscape project is submitted to your blog only; there is no presentation or crit, so you're not there to fill any blanks or offer further insight into your work.  For this reason, you need to think very carefully in terms of designing your submission to be a 'one-stop shop' and ensuring that it is self-explanatory and organised meticulously in line with the stipulations of the project brief.

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