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FAO CAA Yr 3: Your Term 1 Timetable*

I've already had a few emails requesting info on your new Year 3 Term 1 timetable - see below. 

*Experience tells us that things can change a bit once everyone is back at UCA and timetabling glitches present themselves, but, at time of writing, this is pretty much your routine until Christmas (can't believe I've just typed that word!).  Please note the hand-in date of your draft dissertations - 21st November.  I'm sure it sounds like a long way off.  Trust me when I say it isn't!  I'm looking forward to having you back - see you soon!  Use your no-doubt dynamic and expansive social networks to ensure everyone has seen this information - much appreciated.


  1. There's a lot of time for self-directed study.
    A lot of time for working hard on projects!

    1. yes, that's the year 3 model - it's 'over to you' now... :)


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