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CAA @ New Designers #8 : "We Did It!"

As of 6.30pm today, some order was restored to our much-abused baseroom; the dust sheets were peeled back from our famous, much-coveted red carpet and a Tetris-like edifice of cardboard boxes and bubble-wrapped bits was assembled neatly on tables in the middle of the room.  What these pictures don't show is the huge stack of other bubble-wrapped bits residing currently in the corridor outside, or indeed the massive reception-desk-come-plinth that was too big to be admitted into the baseroom!  Suffice to say, we have a lot of New Designers-themed jigsaw pieces to fit together come Monday afternoon when we arrive at the Business Design Centre and install this year's show.  We're pretty confident it will all fit snugly into the back of the UCA van, but don't be surprised if you hear reports of a bearded man being strapped to the roof-rack...

The prime challenge of this final prep day was affixing the large self-adhesive decals to the stand's 'roof section' - admittedly a rather nerve-wracking task - and I must apologise to any nearby graduates shocked by the sudden outbursts of good old-fashioned Anglo-Saxon swear words... 

Anyway, job done.  The carpet has taken a bit of a battering - but is completely paint-free - and if I never see another roll of bubble-wrap it will be too soon!  Next stop, Islington!  Wish us luck and watch this space!

Look! Alan made us our own bespoke trolly!


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