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YPGTTO: More Extraordinary Visions & A Shout Out For More

Heidi Grover / The Violin District

Another collection of speed paints inspired by the music of Benjamin Britten, and our Kingdom of Sound challenge!

Vlad Yankov / The Bassoon District

Vlad Yankov / The Violin District

Sam Niemczyk / The Oboe District

Sam Niemczyk / The Bassoon District

Jack White / The Bassoon District

Charlie Serafini / The Bassoon District

Manisha Dusila / The Map

Manisha Dusila / The Clarinet District

Manisha Dusila / The Cello District

Sam Niemczyk / The Clarinet District

Sam Niemczyk / The Violin District

The 9th YPGTTO Speed Paint Challenge goes live tomorrow (Sunday) at 9am, which means we're over half-way.  I'm keen that as many of you as possible participate in this project, so I'm encouraging you all to have a go.  I need as many visions of our Kingdom of Sound as possible, and there are no fixed rules as to how you might go about envisioning these fantastical environments - so roll up your sleeves and get stuck in.  Below are links to all previous challenges - go for the complete set!

  1. Challenge # 1 - The Map
  2. Challenge # 2 The Flute District
  3. Challenge # 3 The Oboe District
  4. Challenge # 4 The Clarinet District
  5. Challenge # 5 The Bassoon District
  6. Challenge # 6 The Violin District
  7. Challenge # 7 The Viola District
  8. Challenge # 8 The Cello District

If you need to get your head around the project, go here for the original briefing.