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FAO CAA Year 2: Sculpting Purchases

Preparing for Sculpting: Puchases

As part of the sculpting class you will need to buy materials and tools (see image above). I've tried my best to make this a cost effective as possible with course sharing some of the cost...however your purchases are:

1) Super Sculpey 'Firm' Clay: Stores (Theatre Department)
2) Pliers & Wirecutters: Poundland or Similar (You will only need these briefly so I suggest borrowing or sharing if possible).
3) Tin Foil - Supermarket
 4) Sculpting Tools & A Paintbrush (medium): Art Shop or UCA Shop (Reception)
5) Dividers: A old drawing compass set will do
6) A Piece of Soft Sponge: I'd recommend sharing a larger sponge from Poundland.
7) Brass Tubing (small diameter) or an Old Paintbrush with a metal collar (small): DIY shop or poundland (or similar)

All of the other materials you will need will be provided by us so please do all you can to be ready for the sculpting class after Easter.