Monday, January 04, 2016

FAO Year 2: Submission Guidelines for Narrative and Character

Please make a note of the following submission guidelines:  

Character Design Project by Tuesday 5th Jan @ 10am

During the Crit: 

Please give a 5-10 minute presentation.

On your blog:

The Design Bible conatining

A brief game synopsis.
Character Designs (minimum of 3). For each Character:

- A brief biography
- A set of turnarounds
- A set of expressions
- Full body action poses
- Props and/or accessories

Environment Design(s) (minimum of 1)
Game Play Design(s): Diagram or Screenshot (minimum of 1)
Consideration of Branding (e.g. logo design)

Also on your blog:

Class assignments
Development work

Narrative Group Project by Thursday 7th Jan @ 2pm

During the Crit: 

Please give a 5-15 minute group presentation.

As a group on your group blog:

Groups development work.
A making of document.
Completed animated short containing:

- Minimum of 2 characters.
- 1 to 2 minutes in length.
- Including 3D elements.
- Successful use of editing style, theme, and world.

Evidence of branding.
Evidence of communication (through comments and discussion).

As an individual on your blog:

- Your personal contribution to the project.
- Maya Tutorials & Film Reviews by Friday 8th Jan @ 10pm

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