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FAO CAA Yr 1 & CAA Yr 2: Extras Required For A Film!

This is a shout-out for our first years and second years who we know will be available on the morning of Tuesday, 9th February between 11am and 2pm...  Today, I was approached by a final year Television Production student who is shooting a scene for their final film in Lecture Theatre 1 on 09/02/16.  They have a cast of actors, but they need the lecture theatre to be nice and busy with students.  Apparently they also need a boring bespectacled lecturer to bore the pants off everyone as part of the scene - so I can't think why they came in search for me... I did offer to jump through a window, set myself on fire or sing Let It Go while on roller-skates, but it turns out just being old is enough.

Short version is this: can you make yourselves available to take part in a film shoot - and can you get the message out to any students on other courses who might be similarly available to take part.  They'll want us to congregate in the refectory at about 11.15am, while they set up the shot in L1.  I'll announce more information when I get it, but I promised this young ambitious creative that we'd do our best to help him out.  The lecture theatre seats 90, so get the word out, as I know they need a capacity audience for the shot to work.  

Spread the word - your date with the silver screen awaits you!


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