Monday, October 12, 2015

FAO CAA First Years. Simon Holland is ill.

Unfortunately I am unwell today and will not be attending university. however you are still timetabled at your usual times in the DM room. Phil will make the registers available and you can sign in as normal.

Last week we covered materials, and, I asked you to look at UV layouts at home, so hopefully you should all be up to date. Today although I am not there you will need to work through the lighting and batch rendering tutorials. We will cover animation next week when normal Maya service resumes.

If you require headphones then they available from the burgundy cabinet in the base room, please make sure that they are returned so others can use them.

I may be absent in body but I will be keeping an eyed on your blogs and if you have any problems then you can post an @Simon Holland on the group blog or e mail me at .

Apologies for leaving you in the lurch.


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