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New Designers 2015 - What Goes Up...

As the saying goes, "What goes up, must come down", and so it was at 5pm on Saturday July 4th, Computer Animation Arts' award-winning ACME-inspired show stand was rudely dismantled in the space of about fifteen minutes...  Everyone mucked-in, the mood was good, and while everyone was too warm and too tired, it was an enriching experience for us all.  When the stand was stripped back to its original white surfaces, there was just time for a few group shots and a spot of silliness before we retired to the pub around the corner to re-hydrate and reflect on our achievements - and on the future to come!  Thank you 'Class of 2015' - you impressed time and again with your professionalism, your natural charisma and good humour, and with the quality of your work.  It has been a pleasure working alongside you!


  1. Aww, really nice photos from the end of ND!
    Four days of awesomness in great and funny atmosphere :) Thanks everyone!

  2. The whole thing has been a blast! An experience I will never forget and will always remember fondly. Thanks for an incredible three years everyone. Lets catch up again, sooner rather than later!!! ^.^ !!


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