Sunday, February 22, 2015

FAO CAA Year 1 - Photoshop Class - Please Bring Wacom Tablets!

As you should all know, tomorrow is the start of the new Photoshop classes. However, lately we have had a shortage of Wacom pens which means there could be a shortage of tablets available. So, if you can all bring your own Wacom tablets in (as you should all have one by now) then things will go perfectly smoothly.

If you do have any of the CAA pens at home (even if they are broken) please bring them in so that we can assess if they can be fixed.

Bring your Wacom Tablet!

Group B - DM3 at 10am - 1pm
Group A - DM3 at 2pm - 5pm

Please let your classmates know of this annoucement via social networks etc.

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  1. My tablet is wacom bamboo which doesn't connect to the uni computers, can't I use the uni tablets?