Sunday, December 14, 2014

Tombola Of Dreams 2014 "And The Winner Is..."

A huge thank you to everyone who bought tickets for our Tombola Of Dreams 2014 - you raised a hugely impressive £1,180!  Special thanks to my glamorous assistants, Anita and George, and to all those who sourced and donated prizes; we simply couldn't have done it without you!  Congratulations to all our winners - including Emily Clarkson, who won the Cintiq 13HD!  Commiserations to anyone who went away empty-handed this time, but rest assured, the Computer Animation Arts Tombola Of Dreams will be turning again in 2015!

The excitement is palpable...

"Expecto Patronum!"

"Get on with it!"


While Phil and George enjoy a joke, Sam and P-G have a good bitch about their tutor's ridiculous hat...

My beautiful assistant...

Kavia can't believe her luck!

Comic book artist Laurence Campbell's signed prints about to go to their new owners...

"Cintiq?  What Cintiq?"

"And the winner of the signed storyboard panel from Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade is...."

".... Jack White!"

"That's right, George!  This is a 12 month subscription to Digital Tutors!"

Phil & Anita look on with concern as George's showgirl flourishes threaten to get out of hand... 

"I think you'll find that's my hat, George..."

"And the winner of the Cintiq 13HD is...."

"...Emily Clarkson!"


  1. That was a fun day!
    And captions definitely add to the epicness of these photos... : D

  2. Agreed Samantha! These are some fabulous photos! And the little notes have made me chuckle!