Wednesday, March 19, 2014

FAO CGAA Year 1: From Script To Screen/Soundscape Proformas @ Your Ucreative Accounts

Your From Script To Screen and Soundscape proformas are available now at your Ucreative accounts. Remember - these assessments are formative, meaning if your grade is lower than the pass mark 'D', no resit task is triggered. Make no mistake; a fail means something. It means you've got some thinking to do and some resolutions to make. There's some 'tough love' coming to some of you and I suggest you reflect honestly and openly on your feedback.  It's time to meet the challenge of Fantastic Voyage - your first CG animation.  It's time to throw off old habits, old fears and old workflows.  It's time to meet the brief 100%. I'm keen for all of you to accomplish something extraordinary in these final few weeks of your year one. 

If your proforma didn't show, email me at and I'll investigate.   

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