Thursday, February 27, 2014

FAO CGAA Year 3: Your Online 'Touchstone' Submission - Thursday 6th March

Touchstone : a test or criterion for determining the quality or genuineness of a thing.

Following discussions in regard to what most useful form your Major Project 'interim crit' should take, we're introducing something new - The 'Touchstone' Submission.

Instead of getting all of us together in a lecture theatre, we're asking you to upload formal interim documentation to the year 3 submission blog by 5.30pm on Thursday 6th March - after which time the submission blog will become locked again.  

Your interim document should comprise the following:

Part 1) A 'Touchstone' mission statement: this should clearly index your project, giving the details of your original proposal through to the specifics of your anticipated outcome and publishing context.   Your index should encompass all constituents of your hand-in. You might be asked to further specify/reduce/increase your intended outcomes if the course team determine it necessary - or if your mission statement is too vague.

Part 2) Your 'Art Of' thus far. This is to help you in managing this important aspect of your submission, but also to foster opportunities for feedback on layout/design/typeface etc. - design elements which are sometimes overlooked or less discussed because, traditionally, the Art Ofs are made available only at the end of a project.

Part 3) A week-by-week production schedule for the remainder of the project (week 9 - week 15).

Please note; we will be using your Touchstone documentation at point of assessment to gauge the completeness - or otherwise - of your final submission. The Touchstone Submission is both a 'snapshot' of your work so far - and an assessment index for your tutors and External Examiner post-hand-in.


Q.  How do I improve my 'Art Of' document?
A. The secret to producing an effective 'Art Of' is to treat is as if you're producing a book - not a Powerpoint Presentation.  Focus on graphical design, font choice / layout, page numbers, embedded images etc. Don't crowd your pages; use negative space dynamic.   If you're including Maya screen shots, rationalise your image sizes.  Ensure spacing between multiple images is standardised. Do research: find 'Art Of' books that you like and deconstruct them.  Rememeber, an 'Art Of' should be a work of art in itself - and not merely 'project documentation'.

Alan and I will feedback on your Touchstone Submissions, highlighting any areas of concern, seeking clarification, and making any further suggestions.

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