Friday, September 13, 2013

FAO CGAA Year 3 - Timetable : Your Week One 'Snapshot'!

Hi Year 3s! We're really looking forward to having you around the place again - yes, really! - and Alan and I are busy putting the final polish to your Term 1 final year adventures.  It's a busy time for us, lots to organise - and it's the same for you, so here is your  'CGAA/Yr 3 Week One' so you can get your brains in gear and make plans.  

Please note you all have a dissertation workshop in the library on the first Monday back (23rd) - not quite the razzle-dazzle first act you were hoping for obviously - but really important nonetheless.  See below for your workshop groups (A or B).  Monday afternoon is your dissertation briefing - again, this is important stuff, so make sure you're there and fully awake after a long, snoozy Summer. 

Your complete timetables, briefs and schedules etc. will all be made available on myUCA very soon, so watch the group blog for the announcements.  I know not everyone is plugged into the bloggosphere at this point, so could you use all/any social media to ensure your classmates get this information asap.  Many thanks - and see you all very soon* 

*We'll be taking the new first years down to Wetherspoons on Friday 20th September following their traditional meet and greet with the course team and fellow students.  I'll be notifying everyone on here soon, but consider this another heads-up.  It would be good if we could make everyone feel as welcome as possible, so the more the merrier :)


  1. Can any graduates attend the meet and greet session? O:)

    1. yep! It's the usual thing - we're a creative community after all! :)