Saturday, June 01, 2013

CGAA Summer Speed Paint Challenge: Flaming June

Phil Gomm

What is always great about speed paint challenges is the eclectic mix of results, already we have abstractions, vehicle designs (not sure the CAA would let that off the ground though Dan :)) and a portrait from Ernesta.

Great work everyone.

If I have missed someone then let me know and I will update my watch list, edit this and apologise profusely.

Edit: added Jordan's wonderfully stylised take on the subject.


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    1. hey Lucy - I'm not Simon, but I did see your 'cry for help' :)

      @ Simon - forgive the fiddling; See below if you're not yet following Lucy or Nadia's blogs :)

  2. Forgot me as well :P And in turn I forgot to actually put a link to my blog (hence the above deleted comment!)

  3. Hopefully that is a everyone, I realised that I am following over 300 blogs, so if anything this is a great way of updating my follows :)

    I am really pleased with the turn out on this, especially after an intensive year for all years, so again my apologies to those I neglected and my thanks to all of you who have made the first challenge so damn good looking.

    I am finding it quite hard to say which one has caught my eye the most. All the images offer something different, it is interesting how two words can spark such divergent visions. From the langour of Nadia's and lucy's reinterpretation of the original (did you guys check it out first?) through the vibrant abstractions of Ryan, Phil and Anita and everything in-between such great work from all of you.

    Emily's implied narrative is great especially the second image and in regards to composition full of symbolism. There is a lot of inherent storytelling when off-setting the main figure and then turning them away from the viewer is brave and ultimately successful decision, the narrative reminds me of this song/ video:

    I can't wait to see what you guys come up with tomorrow.