Tuesday, March 12, 2013

FAO CGAA Year 1: Toolkit Animation: You're In The Baseroom Not Rm 129

The closure of the campus today means that the lightboxes etc. are not in Rm 129 as per the timetable.  Everything you need is set-up in the CGAA baseroom, so just go there for your animation lesson with Meg.  It may be that Meg wants to work on some big charcoal animations with you - depending on your progress with work set previously.  If so, your assistance in helping take the computers and cameras to Rm 129 would be appreciated.  I'd be there to do it myself, only I'm experiencing a bioscientific scenario all of my own: I'm full of germs and feel like death warmed-up,  so I won't be in tomorrow.


  1. I hope you feel better soon Phil ! :)

    1. cheers, Emily - whatever happens I've got to be in on Thursday - I've got a lecture for you lot + a date with the sixth formers at the Strood Academy - your focus groups for 'Fantastic Voyage' - I shall be on lots of drugs! It's a good job feeling disgusting doesn't quite get in the way of blog-watching or Speed Paint harvesting or.... *sniffle cough sniffle - achoooooo! splat sniffle groan etc*

    2. Hope you get better soon Phil, take care