Monday, January 21, 2013

TutorPhil's Train Is Snowbound - at least for now! 21/01/2013

Dear all - as of writing, there are no trains travelling Rochester-way from snowy Whitstable.  They've just made the announcement - with no indication of when things might change or improve.  That said, what with our fully-functioning bloggosphere, I don't see why snow should stop play - certainly in terms of me taking a look at year 3 progress re. the development of their major projects as per our scheduled tutorials.   I know you've already had some conversations with Alan, as I've been following your blogs, but how about putting together an up-to-date summary '@Phil' of where you're at at this stage and I'll endeavour to be useful.  Create a small presentation post outlining your intentions - be succinct and be confident.

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