Thursday, December 20, 2012

CGAA Speed Paint Challenge - 'The Gingerbread Palace In The City Of Sweets'

Showcasing the latest digital paintings generated in response to today's CGAA Speed Paint Challenge seasonal theme, 'The Gingerbread Palace In The City Of Sweets'... What a sugar rush!

For previous Speed Paint Challenge galleries go here for Christmas tree jungles and here for asylums for malcontent snowmen - and keep an eye on the blog tomorrow morning for your next speed paint mission!


  1. wow - it's like a confectioner's fever dream on the group blog tonight! Some welcome new faces in the (cake) mix this evening, including CGAA alumnus 'Leo 'Isle of Cirrus' Tsang and UCA technical tutor Simon Holland. Faves tonight include Anita's mouthwatering donut world and Tom's very striking take on the 'Gingerbread Palace' (which is just crying out to be CG!). Alice's world evokes German Christmas markets, while Simon's image is Alan Lee + cake = epic! :) Great to see Emily getting in on the action with a painting I could literally eat - and isn't that simple line drawing from first year Sam just lovely? Has an almost hippy-vibe going on in there. Oh, and Photoshop Phil's interpretation of The Gingerbread Palace in the City of Sweets shows us, I think, what Lucasfilm would have made of today's challenge.

    Another fascinating series, folks - so keep them coming!

  2. lovely set of paintings going on here :), I like the details and colours alice used in hers and I love leo's one it looks all cute and christmasy ^^

    1. I know - Leo's world looks like it's been covered in a blizzard of icing sugar :)

  3. Ah thanks guys, thought I could do with some more sweets in the end :p