Friday, January 13, 2012

Having Problems with the rigging tutorials

I am half way through the rigging tutorial, I've had a few problems with it but nothing I haven't been able to fix so far. However whilst doing one for the videos I turned my geometry layers back on and I didn't see what I expected to see. The geometry has become all messed up.

This is what it did look like:

The Rig so far

What it looks like now

Can anyone help me know what I have done and possibly let me know how to fix this please!


  1. The problem is being caused by the local rotation of the joints. Some are facing forward others backwards so when you create an IK for example one set flips to match the other (so they all face one direction).

    Unfortunately there is no quick fix, particularly that there is no way to undo it. The solutions:

    1) Go back to a previous version before rigging. If you have a saved scene before you started rigging you can fix the local rotations before you start. If this is the case i'll explain how to do that.

    2) Un-bind and the re-bind the mesh. By disconnecting the mesh using 'Detach skin' under the skinning menu the mesh will pop back to is original position. You then need to re-skin it.

  2. The second option is my only option at the moment, will I have to orient the joints to faces the same way after detaching the skin?

  3. If you have created the rig and it works then perhaps not. You won't know fully until you un-bind the mesh.