Friday, January 20, 2012

Having Problems Rendering in Maya 2012? This Might Fix It.

I have heard a couple of people say that they have had problems with rendering breaking in maya 2012 and its a common thing in the 2012 edition. It is what caused me to lose half of my work and set me back quite a bit.

This is a tutorial to fix this problem.

Most of you when you go to render will see the render screen pop up and usually it is blue, But when the error occurs in my case, I am presented with a white render view and nothing happening.

This is what you may be seeing. The actual error is hidden from view by the render view.
This is the error.

To fix this we need to make a simple script that will be saved to your tray. 

Start by clicking on the script editor, located next to your command view. I have circled it below. 

Then the script editor will pop open. I have already entered the script located within the green highlight box i have made, yours will be empty. Copy and paste this script into that box. 

Then click 'Save Script to Shelf' located in the File menu.

You should now have a new icon in your render shelf, it should look like this, highlighted in red.

Just run this script if you are having troubles with the render scene going missing and it should all work dandy.
Hope this has helped and makes sense.


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  1. hi, i´ve tried the exact same thing and still is not working, is there any other method to do it??? thank you.